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Prolific Producer Alex Fisher Exclusive Interview

[wp_ad_camp_2] Alex Fisher currently has productions out on labels like High Contrast, Reset, Spinnin, Fraction, Fektive, Future Focus and more. Time for a chat with this guy! In a few words, could you describe your style? I would describe it as a mix of House, Techtrance and Trance with influences from “the early days”. [wp_ad_camp_1] Is EDM the new Rock n Roll? I believe it is. DJ/producers are the new Beatles or Rolling Stones. Certainly after EDM has crossed over to The States. This opens up a door to a massive new audience. And because of social media like Facebook and Twitter, tracks can gain attention in very little time. If you could put one non-famous person in the spotlight who means a lot to you, other than you direct family or friends, who would that be and