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Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: MARCO BAILEY

[wp_ad_camp_2] Marco Bailey from Belgium is one of the busiest techno DJs around. Touring every weekend, hitting each continent and managing his ever so popular label MB Elektronics known for its prolific output of quality techno. February 11th marks the release of his new artist album High Volume. Therefore, we are honored to have him for an exclusive interview! [wp_ad_camp_1] Marco, you are about to release your new album by the name of High Volume in February. Could you tell us what we can expect, your vision behind the album and how long it took to make? Of course, the main theme of the album is techno. It's the sound I'm known for and the sound I love to play around the world because of its relentless energy. Yet, my love for music goes way beyond techno and I love to sh...