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Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: BASSROCK!

[wp_ad_camp_2] Seattle Native BASSROCK has been producing electronic music for around 2 years and loves to delve into darker, grittier styles. His energy is unrivalled and his beats are FIERCE. Give a warm welcome to BASSROCK!! [wp_ad_camp_1] BASSROCK, you are a fresh face in the US dance scene. Could you describe your style for the people who don't know you yet? I don't pretend to be tied down to one style or another, but I do find myself drawn to Big Room House quite often, the style that Firebeatz and Nicky Romero have been coming out with recently. I just love the energy that comes with those basslines. My productions vary all over, however, and I've produced tracks within at least 20 different sub genres. Most times, when people ask me, I sum it up by telling them that I pr...