Back Up Fools! Cold Blank Exclusive Interview


Cold Blank Interview Hammarica PR

photo (c) Megan Thompson

What does RAGE mean to you?

First of all, we want to thank all of our fans. Rage means partying hard with no regrets, saying yolo like a fool without dying. That’s right, back up fools.

Do you try to incorporate other styles of dance music in your electro house productions?

Depending on each individual track/remix project, our inspiration may stem from an experience or from another style of dance music. Usually we’re inspired by memorable nights with certain songs/rhythms/sounds.

Cold Blank The AgendaHow did you enjoy making your album ‘The Agenda’?

It was easy. We made sure we were in a good mood, in a good environment, and had plenty of refreshments & distractions. Here’s a studio session starter kit for an album: (1) pack of cigarettes of choice, a balcony with a dope ass view of the city to get air/smoke, (1) soft drink/beverage of choice per head, (1) case of water bottles, assorted snacks/candy of choice, episodes of cartoon of choice available for breaks.

How much time does your label take on a daily basis and what kind of productions are you looking for to sign?

Depending on the amount of demos we receive, we usually have a routine for the signing & submission process. We typically spend 2-3 days a week focused on releases. We don’t specifically have any restrictions when it comes to genres or styles, as long as we’re vibing the tune, we’ll sign it.


What is the current hottest track on your memory stick?

Tiesto – Levels

Who is your favorite artist outside of EDM and why?

We each have our own favorite artist. Chris’ favorite artist is Miike Snow because they make good music and Manuel’s is Tyga because he likes big booty bitches.

Is a DJ defined by their skill of beat matching? Or doesn’t that matter at all in this day and age?

A DJ should be defined by their ability to make people dance. However, DJ’ing is a very vague title, as there are also producers and turntablists who are considered DJs. Several producers have part of their sets synced with video projections, special effects, and/or choreographed routines and have prerecorded bits of their set; there is no beat-matching at times. Beat-matching was a required skill with turntables, but these days, there are numerous devices with sync buttons and mixing done prior to a performance. We beat match in our sets (with MPD pads), but it honestly shouldn’t matter.

What are your thoughts on the DJ Mag Top 100?

Specifically? I was a bit disappointed to see that votes were being sold on eBay for the DJ Mag Top 100 poll this year. However, if there was a better way to regulate the votes, I think it’s an awesome poll.

A good rave needs?

Raver booties, 20,000+ people, amazing production & talent, memorable and unique aspects.

The best American dance label?

Burn The Fire, duh.

Should hiphop artists stop messing with EDM and go back to what they’re good at: hiphop?

In that case, maybe white people should stop making trap. No. Anyone is free to do whatever they want.

Your best advise for others to keep yourself entertained during long travels?

For flights, several movies/tv shows, good company, iPod playlists, and headphones (so old people don’t bitch at you at airports). For drives, I guess just good music and good conversation (so you better be either in a good mood or sleeping).

What is your dream project?

Collaborating with Daft Punk, Missy Elliot, or 2pac (hologram).

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

We just say that ooooooh sometimes we get a good feeling yeah. Keep up with us on twitter and on our instagram accounts. Facebook sucks.

Twitter: @coldblank @coldblankchris @coldblankmanny
Instagram: @coldblankchris @mannycoldblank