DJ Cihan Mareno Interview

It’s about an experience with people you love and the feelings and memories you create.

‘LOCAL 092 EP’ AND ‘BALANCE’ HAVE THE UNDERGROUND WORLD IN A TIGHT GRIP. We caught up with the mastermind behind these releases, Cihan Mareno for an exclusive interview!

Tell us a bit more about your recent EPs, ‘Local 092’ and ‘Balance’ ?

Sometimes I’d rather hear others interpretation of my work instead of talk about it myself haha. I feel that my intentions and my thoughts stay within me and enjoy hearing how others interpret my work. I think music should convey everything. I like hearing about the emotions people will feel when listening to my music.

Im so grateful to have received great support on my tracks from people I admire and respect. it shows me I’m doing something correct! at least i hope so. 

With whom would you really like to collaborate some day? 

There are probably so many that come to mind. but on that sticks out is Moby. I love his work and attitude and respect his music, His production level is so high and the quality really comes through. it’s the soul that really catches my attention, and love the little vocals he uses and samples in his tracks. you could think of the ultimate event where money is not an issue. Where would it be and what would it feature? 

Honestly these days money can buy almost anything. for me it’s more about an experience with people you love and the feelings and memories you create. I would love to  play in Dubai with all of my friends at a rooftop party under the stars or the sun…  perhaps with Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, and Luciano! 🙂 all awesome guys and legends I respect

In the next five years, where do you see yourself and your career going?

I’m working extremely hard this year and into 2014 to reach a new level and really put out great productions and also give a helping hand to some up and coming guys. In this industry you must give back and help. Everyone was once a beginner and I feel that some people reach a bit of shine and forget where they came from and that they were once asking for help. I believe in doing the right thing and if I’m in a position to help those around me I will do the best that I can. 

What is the freakiest moment you ever experienced while on the decks? 

Lets just say I’ve seen a lot in a club environment. But I’d have to say the top was having a guy literally pour some (white powder substance) onto a spinning turntable and offering me to take it while it was spinning. haha. craziness! 

Which young producer/DJ do you have a lot of respect for and why?

My favorite newcomer is a female artist named “Serenay”.  She joined my team a few years ago as a DJ, and now Seranay, is continuously growing in the electronic music scene.  Serenay’s first e.p comes in January,  and the second e.p is to be released later in 2014.  She is a hard worker, studied management at the university and also at SAE Institute for Audio Engineering. Few years ago she was watching me in my studio and she picked up on how things are done quickly.., now I’m watching how she does sound design. I’m a big supporter of female dis and producers. People like Nicole moudaber and Ida Idenberg are really setting a great example for women to push it and go after it in this industry and i respect that. people from the underground scene have a good sense of humor on average?

I think that the underground is more like a family.  The artists and the people want to come to parties simply for the music and to enjoy it.  So we make jokes and have fun… and most of the people know each other. People just need to have a laugh and enjoy life. make connections with other people and experience. Don’t take yourself too serious. The difference between that and the more commercial bottle service rave vibe is that it’s more about the bling and physical side and the gimmicks where as the underground is really mostly about the music. You can dress great and have your super cool shades on in a dark club but it is a party not so much a fashion show. you should just express who you are. I like to see people partying and going wild like no one is watching. Although i wouldn’t mind playing a Victorias Secret fashion show! haha Thanks God for those sexy angels! 

What’s your schedule like for the coming few months?

I have some gigs in Belgium first on the 10th of January… I’m playing with my Inside Sense artists & friends in Cafe d’Anvers where I host the balcony room.  In the main room LABYRINTH PRODUCTIONS invited  SIS , Arado ,Alex Dolby. and at the end of Jan. have some gigs in Istanbul so… looking great for 2014.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I want to thank Hammarica and the team for this interview.

and I want to thank everyone that has enjoyed those wonderful moments with me behind the decks. Thanks also to the supporters and my close friends. 


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