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Jonas Steur, a respected Belgian trance DJ and producer, is recognized by various aliases, with Estuera being the most prominent. Jonas predominantly released music under the name Estuera until 2005, after which he transitioned to using his birth name for DJing and music releases. His diverse music appeals to both energetic dance enthusiasts with hits like “Castamara,” and those seeking a laid-back experience with a slower bpm, exemplified by “Fall To Pieces,” perfect for relaxation at home or by the beach. Given the distinctive nature of Jonas Steur’s sound, his music has been featured multiple times in the renowned Black Hole Recordings project, In Search Of Sunrise (ISOS) compilations, including the recently unveiled In Search Of Sunrise 19.

A common thread in all his production is a melody crafted by a dreamer for dreamers globally, stirring a multitude of emotions. He accomplishes this through his passion for music and using a synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, and sequencer. Asking Jonas about ‘Estuera’ unveils a melodic trance, while encountering ‘Jonas Steur’ offers a diverse range, as this project tends to shift with his mood.

Speaking of various styles, do any of you yearn for those 90s tech-trance beats? In the ever-evolving electronic music scene, where techno and trance frequently converge, Jonas has ventured to revisit his original production style, transporting us back to the late 90s with a modern twist. The outcome is “Night Tremors”, a dark, tech-infused trance gem featuring nostalgic acid elements. Jonas highlighted the organ bass as the perfect element to set the mood while paying homage to the 90s club sound. We believe he successfully realized his vision, maintaining melody as the main ingredient. What are your thoughts? Waste no time and immerse yourself in “Night Tremors,” now available on all streaming platforms:

Jonas Steur

01. Jonas Steur – Night Tremors (Original Mix)
02. Jonas Steur – Night Tremors (Extended Mix)

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