Luca Draccar

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Luca Draccar established himself in 2018, through his deep, electronic techno music. Creating mesmerising, trance-like sounds, ‘Soul Grabber’ is Draccar’s latest EP release. ‘Soul Grabber’ is a five track EP, including a remix of ‘The Rest is Noise,’ that expresses brooding and synthetic sounds. Hypnotic loops dance over colourful rhythms, binding themselves to futuristic bass lines and hallucinatory sweeping layers.

Diving deep into thought-provoking themes, the question on Draccar’s tongue is whether the devil really does buy souls and what exactly does he do with them? Its subject matters like this that tie the EP together, such as the track ‘Satan Club.’ Dark, distorted thematic topics mixed with a cacophony of electronic soundscapes make Draccar’s music really standout.

Born and raised in Italy, before basing himself in Berlin, Draccar, crafted his skills through multiple universities. He began studying Multimedia Communication and Interactive Design, before studying Digital Design and Visual Communication in Milan, and finally moving to Germany to pursue studies in music. His first taste of combining technology and music began with his computer and a group of school friends. Here he developed his sound and built the foundations of his skills through DJing in clubs and rave parties. His vast experiences all led him to this moment.

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