Luca Draccar

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Berlin-based Artist Redefines Techno and Dark Exotic Rhythms, Unveiling a Mesmerizing Fusion of Soundscapes.

Berlin-based musician Luca Draccar is making waves in the world of electronic music with his innovative and mesmerizing releases. With Italian roots deeply ingrained in his artistic DNA, Luca Draccar has honed his craft to perfection, delivering a unique blend of techno and dark exotic rhythms that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Luca Draccar’s music is an electrifying fusion of dashed phrases, synthetic loop sequences, and a mind-blowing cocktail of deep flavors. His tracks are a testament to his artistic prowess, showcasing his ability to blend slammed boiling sounds with intricately programmed basslines, creating a futuristic and sticky listening experience that captivates audiences around the globe.

Graduated from the prestigious Bauhaus Universität Weimar, faculty Gestaltung, Luca Draccar has a rich background in multimedia communication and interactive design. His journey into the world of music, technology, and innovation began with his first Macintosh computer and the influence of like-minded friends at school. This early exposure ignited his passion, eventually leading him from his serene village in the heart of Italy to the bustling city of Milan, where he embarked on studies in digital design and visual communication.

While in Milan, Luca Draccar’s artistic journey took a pivotal turn as he began DJing in clubs and underground rave parties. His talent and dedication soon paid off, earning him a scholarship opportunity in Germany. He seized this chance and left Italy to pursue his education at the prestigious Bauhaus Universität and the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar, further refining his skills and musical sensibilities.

Luca Draccar’s latest release, “LECLIPSE,” is a sonic masterpiece that defies conventional boundaries. It is an imaginative and astrological record that takes listeners on a journey through violent and stormy atmospheres, alluding to acid nocturnal owls and otherworldly experiences. Just as an eclipse is a rare and captivating event, Luca Draccar’s “LECLIPSE” is a musical eclipse that shines brilliantly in the world of electronic music.

“No one can stare at the sun as it shines, but everyone can look at it during the eclipse,” Luca Draccar explains. “What we call an eclipse is nothing more than a kiss between the sun and the moon. This is Luca Draccar’s LECLIPSE. An eclipse with the L.”

Luca Draccar’s music has resonated with music lovers and industry insiders alike, earning him a dedicated following and critical acclaim. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound and his dedication to creating immersive sonic experiences have solidified his position as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

With tracks like “Ready to Loose Control,” “Flying Satellites,” and “I Can Stop,” Luca Draccar invites listeners to embark on a journey through the depths of his sonic universe. Each track is a testament to his artistry and his ability to craft music that transcends genres and captivates the soul.

Listeners and music enthusiasts alike are invited to immerse themselves in the world of Luca Draccar and experience the magic of “LECLIPSE.”

About Luca Draccar: Luca Draccar is a Berlin-based musician and artist with Italian roots who is redefining the boundaries of electronic music. His innovative soundscapes, infused with techno and dark exotic rhythms, have earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated following. Luca Draccar’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration has solidified his position as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

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