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Photosynthesis: My Writer’s Journey, Part Deux

[wp_ad_camp_2] By Damen Smith-Draeko --Photosynthesis is an annual EDM music festival based here in Washington State. It’s a spiritual/psychedelic gathering of artists, vendors, mystics, laymen, fire dancers, and mavens that all come together in the spirit of putting forth the will-to-good-power. It’s not just the party or the music that so many people look forward to every year, but that feeling of a natural connection to the earth, to a softer wholeness that the fresh air, the ocean and mountains, and the history of the region presents. It does sound kinda corny and very hippie, doesn’t it? But that is what it comes down to. This is what I got from speaking with many of the guests and from interviewing many of the artists and performers. And I don’t think it’s corny at all. I think