Toni Costanzi

Toni Costanzi is back with another vocal gem, after his track “Bomboclvt” (TOP 100 BEATPORT ELECTRO HOUSE CHART), with a stunning track that once again shows off his endless diversity. After Plasmapool he was signed with EDX’s triple A label “Sirup. Music”, it makes for a killer one-two.

This wonderfully emotive slice of electronic pop moves Toni away from pure dancefloor ambitions and onto the airwaves, with its beautiful songwriting and honeyed vocals elevating it to something really special. Muted piano chords and the slightest of beats flutter away under the vox, with gentle builds thrusting us towards the surprisingly bombastic crescendos. Sweet pitch-bending synths glide over a chunky breakbeat rhythm and fizzing, pulsating synth chords to create a huge wall of sound. Flitting between these section and the mellow vocal passages, it’s very much a game of two halves and all the better for it. This superb hit marks another success for the italian DJ/Producer, having also entered the BEATPORT TOP 100 FUTURE HOUSE CHART.

Check out Toni Costanzi’s new track , we really enjoyed it!