Stephen J. Kroos – My MusiQ – Part One & Two – Review


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Stephen J. Kroos brings us “My MusiQ: Part One” and “My MusiQ : Part Two” showing the world that classic progressive house isn’t dead, and not only that but its still growing and ever changing just like the rest of the EDM genres.

Both these albums have an old school house and trancey feel fused with with a spacey – galatic sounding melodic dub/glitch influence and a touch of 80’s disco-pop to finish off the “MusiQ” recipe.

Stephen makes what I like to call “pretty beats;” a very melodic – beautiful sounding trance-ish track that just sounds down right, well, pretty. You can get lost in both these albums and in my opinion there’s really not one “bad” song on either Part one or Part two. And in fact I think it sounds best when played exactly how it’s laid out on Parts One and Two. Start with “Adaptability” and work your way to “Pollewop (Lulla-bye)” as each track leads so perfectly into the next.

I have to admit though my favorite track on both albums is actually on Part One and it’s “Never turn away.” Although it’s at a steady tie with “Disko Doll” on Part Two, and the very first track on Part One- “Adaptability.” This track doesn’t even need vocals and has a very hypnotic dance beat. In-fact it reminds me of a much more EDM version of BeachHouse.

I definitely suggest checking out both “My MusiQ Part One and Part Two” and as I said playing them from track one through to the end of part two in order. It has great build and kind of tells a story with the music. Just put on your headphones and get lost in the “musiQ” for a while.

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