Boys Noize announces the release of official music video for “Nude” ft Tommy Cash

Boys Noize announces the release of official music video for “Nude” ft Tommy Cash, Featured, Hammarica Network,, NEW RELEASES, Promo, Promo10, Promoted Post, TECHNO,
Promoted Post Check out the official music video for “Nude” on YouTube HERE! The Berlin-based artist, DJ and producer BOYS NOIZE (Alex Ridha) announces the release “Nude” via his imprint BoysNoize Records. BOYS NOIZE’s tear-out run of collaborative singles will continue with (+)side “Nude”, this time partnering up with Estonian avant-gardist TOMMY CASH. A synapse-flooding contrasting climax of soaring euphoria, “Nude” combines lighters-in-the-air, peak rave-era pads (think Orbital or Underworld) with Cash’s seductive hook, before the track drops into thundering tribal percussion, the vast shape of the song’s aural space echolocated by atonal samples and screeches. First working together on TOMMY CASH’s album ¥€$, the two iconoclasts´ shared apprec

Stay Young. Love Techno. Interview with the Agent Orange Dj. Taken by Ольга Година, EDM NEWS, Featured, Hammarica Network, Interview, INTERVIEWS,, TECHNO
Agent Orange Dj aka Ara Krikorian is a brilliant and legendary USA Dj whose way began from the 90`s raves in New York city. His motto is “Stay Young. Love Techno. This ideology perfectly represents the energy of what I do. Not just aimed at a specific genre but an attitude, a code to live by where our passion for the things we love keeps us connected to the pure, youthful, energy we all posses inside.” And he has an incredible style and music that stays unique and fresh for several generations from the 90`s to today. His results and goals are very impressive. He has had 70+ releases and tracks that have landed in the Beatport Main and Techno Top100 charts – 7 of which rose to #1 and 20+ in the Top 10 – for labels such as Tronic, Elevate, Toolroom, Bitten, Nervous, and Terminal
“Metromatiko” new album release by Massimo Vivona at Headzone Records

“Metromatiko” new album release by Massimo Vivona at Headzone Records,, EDM NEWS
Underground progressive trance pioneer Massimo Vivona has been producing techno music for over 25 years and his work is featured on over 80 electronic music compilations worldwide. It has been 18 years since Massimo has released a full album on the legendary Headzone Records label. “Metromatiko” is getting rave reviews. The album has a perfect element of the old school sound mixed with a fresh new sound. “It is exactly what we have been waiting for from Massimo!” – Marco Bismark –Radio Centro Suono- Over 1 million listeners Click on the link to hear the full album “Metromatiko”   (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return;